Hungarian Immigrant

Foreigners working in Hungary (except for EU nationality) are required to apply for an employer-sponsored work visa.

Basic steps for applying for a work visa:

  • Identify the employer and apply for an employer nomination. Professional qualifications and professional qualifications of domestic visa applicants are required to be related to the type of work nominated by the employer. And the domestic applicant should provide a medical certificate, this certificate is a small yellow book, the book is marked with English.
  • You can apply for a visa after the relevant authorities in Hungary have approved the quota.
  • Before the visa is submitted, the housing in Hungary must be rented in advance.

For the first-time visa, the main applicant can only apply for a visa. After the main applicant has obtained the visa for 3 months, he will go to Hungary and go to the immigration report to obtain a one-year residence card.Work visa holders can obtain a residence permit directly after arriving in Hungary; for those who intend to conduct business activities, they have the opportunity to transfer their work residence to start a business.

Has the Hungarian National Debt Immigration really missed it::

Over the years, there have been more families of employer-sponsored immigrants in the United States, Canada, and Australia. In recent years, as the immigration thresholds of these countries have increased, the labor market has become saturated, and the number of Chinese has increased dramatically. The competitiveness of new immigrants arriving in these countries is not Strong, the cost of living is constantly improving, and it is increasingly difficult to survive. More people have chosen to immigrate to Europe .

In particular, this year, the European economy recovered, the Hungarian economy took the lead in taking the lead in other European countries, and the positives continued: Standard & Poor’s upgraded the Hungarian rating to “positive”, the domestic unemployment rate reached the lowest level inhistory, the wage level increased rapidly, and the currency exchange rate rose dramatically. 28 months high…

With the continuous landing of national debt immigrants , Hungary’s safe and comfortable environment, strong artistic atmosphere, rich educational resources,thoughtful and caring welfare, low prices… with their friends . Hungary is increasingly an ideal place to live in the minds of Chinese people.

Indeed, Hungary is a charming country. Many customers who missed the Hungarian “national debt immigration project” can’t help but feel:

“If you pass this village, you will not have this store.” In fact, the “Hungarian Employer Sponsored Immigration Project” and the “Hungarian Quota Immigration Project” are both cost-effective Hungarian immigrant projects because they are highly targeted, low-cost and fast. If it is really suitable for you, it can be said that these two projects are even more cost-effective than the “national debt immigration project”.

Those who hold a work permit can enjoy free medical care in Hungary after paying taxes.
The “Hungarian Employer Sponsored Immigration Project” and the “Hungarian Quota Immigration Project” are cost-effective and convenient ways to obtain permanent residence in European countries (also known as green card or PR).

Although the cost of these two immigration fees is almost a fraction of the funds required for the closed “Hungarian government bond immigration”, the final results and benefits are almost exactly the same as the “Hungarian National Debt Immigration Project”. Both projects are also very fast. If you live for three to five years, you can apply for permanent residence.

Different from the “Hungarian Employer Sponsored Immigration Project”, the “Hungarian Quota Immigration Project” itself does not need long-term residence, nor tax requirements, and saves money. It is more suitable for those who have no desire to move in the near future, those
who travel to Europe frequently, and those who travel to Europe frequently. Hungarian Employer Sponsored Immigration Project

Project Benefits:

  • No language test is required, and no special skills test is required;
  • The project requires low cost;
  • The processing speed is fast, and the long-term residence card in Hungary is obtained in 3/6 months;
  • You can apply for permanent residence after three years of residence;
  • Incumbents can enjoy public medical insurance;
  • Working hours are included in the age of employees in European countries, and retirement pensions are available upon retirement;
  • Children enjoy free education (public schools);
  • Children can enjoy paid holidays in the first and second years after their birth.

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The “Hungarian Employer Sponsored Immigration Program” is ideal for clients with a need to settle in Hungary. The “Hungarian Employer Sponsored Immigration Program” is similar to the “Employer Sponsored Immigration” in Australia or Canada. The advantage is that this program does not require a language test for the applicant and does not require a special skill test. After moving to Hungary, the incumbent can enjoy public medical insurance; working hours are counted in the European country at the age of employees, retirement pensions are available after retirement; children receive free education (public schools); children are born in the first and second years after birth You can enjoy paid holidays. After the main applicant has obtained the visa for 3 months, he can apply for a visa for the spouse and the child. If the applicant has the willingness to live permanently, he/she can apply for permanent residence after holding the work residence permit for 3 years.
You can apply for permanent residence after you have held your work permit for 3 years.